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Accompaniment in Legal procedures

The JRCC Legal team supports survivors of sexual assault as they maneuver through the legal system. We liaise with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and defense lawyers, closely following case progress, while volunteers accompany survivors from hospital, to police station, to courthouse. Survivors often feel isolated and vulnerable, so the emotional and practical support offered by JRCC volunteers and coordinators becomes vital.  By having advocates on all fronts, survivors can gain confidence that their voices will finally be heard.  We work to change the way survivors of sexual assault are treated by legal and judicial authorities.  


We work with a variety of officials in Israel as they follow survivor's legal proceedings, while maintain contact with the Jerusalem District Attorney, the State Attorney, the Supreme Court, and Justice Departments abroad. The Jerusalem police force, hospitals, and clinics have now adopted the policy of recommending the JRCC to survivors of sexual assault.  Coordinators meet with survivors to explain legal procedures and to provide referrals to lawyers specializing in sexual harassment and assault cases.  If police or the prosecuting lawyers dismiss a survivor’s official complaint, JRCC Coordinators contact them and appeal.  They also contact the Collection Agency to ensure survivors receive any compensation awarded by the courts.


In its efforts to improve the legal system, the JRCC provides educational resources to hospitals, the local police force, and legal officials.  JRCC Coordinators conduct workshops for police officers and lawyers to educate them about sexual assault, as well as to improve the treatment that survivors receive when they decide to pursue criminal charges.  Staff and volunteers also remain engaged in political advocacy to improve the treatment of survivors of sexual assault and work with the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, which does lobby and advocacy on behalf of survivors of sexual assault.  By working behind the scenes and standing next to survivors on the front lines, the JRCC continues its efforts to alter the legal discourse surrounding sexual assault and to support survivors as they seek justice.

If you are interested in information and our support in this field, reach out to us through the 24/7 Hotline at 1202 or 02.6255558.

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Sexual Violence is a social problem that we need to address everyday. 

Until the age of 12, boys and girls are abused in a ratio of 1:6.


After the age of 12, girls and women are abused in a ratio of 1:3; boys and men are abused in a ration of 1:7.

In 87% of abuse cases the abuser is known to the survivor.

Approx. 65% of abuse cases took place when the victims were minors.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, in 2012, 40% of women have reported incidents of sexual harassment at the workplace.

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