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Our Mission

24/7 Hotline

You are not alone! Our volunteers are waiting for your call, everyday, all day. 1202 or 02.6255558


Contact our offices

Phone   +972-2-623-2451 

Fax  +972-2-624-1942


Address  P.O. Box 7815, Jerusalem 9107801 Israel

Sexual Violence is a social problem that we need to address everyday. 

Until the age of 12, boys and girls are abused in a ratio of 1:6.


After the age of 12, girls and women are abused in a ratio of 1:3; boys and men are abused in a ration of 1:7.

In 87% of abuse cases the abuser is known to the survivor.

Approx. 65% of abuse cases took place when the victims were minors.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, in 2012, 40% of women have reported incidents of sexual harassment at the workplace.

At the JRCC we are committed to:

Providing 24/7 support to survivors of sexual violence in greater Jerusalem.
Raising awareness to sexual violence and promote gender equality.
Eradicating sexual violence through education and social activism.


The ideology of JRCC, which is an integral part of all of the strategies used to achieve our mission, is that every woman is able to help and support another no matter what her professional background. We all have shared experiences of harassment or abuse at one point or another and can therefore understand the suffering and pain of women and girls who have been victims of abuse. This is demonstrated by the fact that our core activities are carried out by female volunteers who have undergone intensive training at JRCC to equip them with the knowledge and tools they require for this task.


The JRCC provides a myriad of services to survivors of sexual assault, as well as to the local population, such as crisis intervention, personal support via the 24hour hotline, individual meetings, educational workshops, support groups and accompaniment in criminal and legal proceedings, as well as advocacy, raising public awareness and legislative activism.

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